Garmilli Fabbrotecnica is a company specializing in blacksmith work. We achieve customized products in Verona, including: gates, window barriers, stairs, railings, awnings, beds, furniture, and urban design.

Ultimi Progetti

  • Pensilina In Ferro Su Misura
    Iron Canopy
  • dissuasore stradale 2
    Iron Posts
  • Garmilli Complemento D Arredo 515
    Coat Hooks
  • Garmilli Inferriate Cancello E Recinzione 449
    Fence in Wrought Iron

Garmilli Arte del Ferro

La nostra azienda, da oltre cento anni, lavora e modella il ferro, creando prodotti unici ed inimitabili.

Da sempre realizziamo prodotti su misura, per assecondare le richieste dei nostri clienti.

One hundred years of history

From Augusto to Edino, Edino to Lorenzo, and Lorenzo to Gabriele. For over a hundred years, there have been four generations of blacksmiths in the Garmilli family.

Our History

Lorenzo, a well-known blacksmith from Verona, has deep roots as a skilled iron artist.

His grandfather, Augusto, began working with iron at the turn of the 20th century, and soon passed on his contagious passion to his son Edino.

Edino, a very notable craftsman in his field, later passed the baton to the next generation: his son, Lorenzo, who continued the business with enthusiasm.

Gradually his work transformed from that of simplicity to beautiful sculptures and masterpieces to furnish his customers’ homes.

Since 1999, the reigns have been in new hands: those of Lorenzo’s son, Gabriele.

Gabriele was a breath of fresh air to the company as he brought with him two mechanical degrees and courses in CAD and management allowing the company to progress in present times while never forgetting the love and passion for iron that are in the roots of Garmilli Fabbrotecnica.

We Specialize in


For four generations, working with iron has been the core of our business. Our experience and professionalism guarantee quality results.

Designs and Customized Products

Our company has successfully been able to create products according to the customers’ needs and desires, while adding flair and imagination, yielding unique designs and inimitable products.

Delivery and Installation

One of the most appreciated aspects by our loyal customers is our availability and assistance throughout the duration of each project, from the initial inquiry and time of purchase until the final installation.

Security and Reliability

Our history speaks for itself. Security and reliability are two cornerstones of our work, making Garmilli Fabbrotecnica a unique company in Verona for the ironworking.

What our clients say about us:

Not having previously known about Garmilli Fabbrotecnica, I was referred to them by word of mouth. After having bought a wrought-iron custom-made bed, I quickly grew to admire the company. They are serious and capable company.

, Private Customer

I am a long-standing customer who was pleasantly surprised by the showroom set- up at their headquarters where many sculptures and products designed by Lorenzo himself, and of authentic value, are on display.

, Private Customer

The completion of road bollards installed in Piazza Cittadella in Verona by Garmilli Fabbrotecnica was done with great success because the product is well integrated within the urban setting and they also provided undeniable service.

, Urban Assessor, Verona