Garmilli Fabbrotecnica is a company specializing in blacksmith work. We achieve customized products in Verona, including: gates, window barriers, stairs, railings, awnings, beds, furniture, and urban design.

Ultimi Progetti

  • dissuasore stradale 2
    Iron Posts
  • Garmilli Complemento D Arredo 515
    Coat Hooks
  • Garmilli Inferriate Cancello E Recinzione 449
    Fence in Wrought Iron
  • Garmilli Inferriate Casa Privato 442
    Safety window barriers

Garmilli Arte del Ferro

La nostra azienda, da oltre cento anni, lavora e modella il ferro, creando prodotti unici ed inimitabili.

Da sempre realizziamo prodotti su misura, per assecondare le richieste dei nostri clienti.
  • The Art of Iron since 1913

    4 generations of craftsmen

    100 years of history and experience

    ...without ever forgetting to take care of our clients

  • Creativity and Availability

    Our company has always followed the values and principles

    such as the availability to customers

    and creativity in project implementation


    Quality since 1913


Garmilli is 

For over a hundred years, Garmilli has skillfully worked to create and design customized products for their customers.

Customized Products

Garmilli designs and manufactures their products according to each customer’s needs, optimizing costs while personalizing and tailoring each creation


Craftsmanship is disappearing, but Garmilli remains amongst other professionals with their unique products and designs

Flexibility and Availability

A specialty of our company has always been the flexibility and availability in meeting the needs and desires of our customers while offering 360 degree service.

Customized Products and Designs

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Recently Achieved Projects

Coat Hooks

Home Furnishings

Safety window barriers

Window Barriers

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